The final scene of Ep. 7 of Yellowstone prequel 1923 did not do the rest of the episode justice, but if this show — and all Taylor Sheridan dramas, frankly — has taught us anything it's that justice is never absolute.

This was Teonna's episode. Actor Aminah Nieves' personal performance stems from a lifetime of hearing these stories of abuse from her real-life Crow elders. All of those experiences came pouring out during her climactic fight to stay alive. It would seem her storyline will get a rest now.

To summarize without spoiling (yet), the three priests sent to track her down catch up to her, and what follows is horrific bloodshed. Many closed their eyes as the characters screamed. Others simply left the room.

OK, here come the spoilers.

The cost of Teonna's journey was severe. If you felt she was vindicated, you did so with a pinch of heartbreak for the lives lost. The same was true at the Yellowstone Ranch, where nothing of real substance happened after Banner Creighton's arrest.

He'll soon be free, which is likely to lead to bloodshed at the ranch. The only question is if Spencer — with new wife Alex — can get there in time. The Dutton Rules team feels that's not likely.

This couple spends most of their Ep. 7 screen time in Malta, enjoying a beautiful afternoon and essential nutrition. As they're having another dreamy conversation that new lovers tend to have, she hears a man shouting her name, turns and finds her ex-fiancé surrounded by family (his or hers? We can't tell).

You'd be more likely to find a pin in a hayfield than you would to find Alex under these conditions. When she ran off to join Spencer, she was in Nairobi, Kenya, roughly 5,000 early-20th century African miles south of Italy. Yet there he is, alongside a woman who is literally clutching her pearls. Everyone is shell-shocked.

What's to come of this?

Honestly, it's hard to believe the difficult conversation to come being little more than a speed bump. Perhaps she'll try diplomacy, but if Spencer has to thump the poor guy to keep his girl, we're sure he'll do it. At best the scene was awkward, which took away from an otherwise beautiful (if painful) episode of 1923.

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