When it comes to scams there never seems to be a shortage of people trying to get ahold of someone else's money or their personal information with a goal of usually also getting money.

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More recently there have been scam alerts involving Medicare and targeting senior citizensbank account scams in Minnesota, and phone scams in Wisconsin.  In addition, major retailer Target has issued a scam warning to its shoppers as we go into a holiday season.

I always say to be safe just don't click on anything, don't open any emails, don't trust anything, and call to verify.  With that last part what I mean is that instead of clicking on a link or even responding to a phone call or text from your bank for example, ignore it and call them directly to confirm.

Scammers are getting so crafty now, that some attempts look incredibly real.  While it wasn't so convincing to me, I did just receive a text scam attempt the other day I thought I would share.

USPS Scam Text- Photo Credit: Joe Danger
USPS Scam Text- Photo Credit: Joe Danger

The first red flag was the number it came from.  639 is an area code for Saskatchewan, Canada.  Second, the USPS website given in the text was suspicious.  A quick Google search of 'USPSBAA' revealed it is a fraudulent site that claims to be the real USPS.  I also knew I didn't have any packages waiting to arrive.

While this one wasn't so sneaky, it's good to remember that scammers will try anything and especially around the holiday season, don't trust anything saying a package can't be delivered without confirming the source.  One or two wrong clicks could make for a bad day.

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