Recalls are nothing new these days and there are so many, it can be hard to keep track. There is a new recall that could really impact you, as it involves 55,000 packs of the product sold in Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Tea Recall

This new recall is for certain types of tea and is a voluntary recall on behalf of the company. Certain types of tea are being recalled because 'pesticide residues' were detected above action levels, per the recall notice.

I know a lot of tea drinkers out there so if this applies to you or you know someone who loves to sip tea throughout the day, make sure to make them aware of this recall.

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 Which Type Of Tea Is Being Recalled?

This recall is for Organic Yogi Echinacea Immune Support Tea. The UPC code on the box is 0 76950 45010 3. This is a very popular type of tea and as of now, this recall impacts 54,846 packs of tea.

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The boxes in question are 16-packs of tea, so that is also an easy way to see if you need to toss yours out. You can check out a picture of the tea box as well for another easy way to see if this will impact you.

You can purchase this type of tea pretty much everywhere, including grocery stores, Target and Walmart. You can return the tea for a full refund wherever you purchased it.

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The product was officially recalled mid-May and is still ongoing. We will keep you updated with any additional news regarding this recall!

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