We all want to eat delicious food when we go to a restaurant but we also want a little bit of an experience too, right? You can have both at this restaurant in Wisconsin, which was just given a prestigious title.

Wisconsin's Most Beautiful Restaurant

An eatery was just named one of the most beautiful in the country by People Magazine, who chose one restaurant per state to get the title. That's a hard task.

The pick for Wisconsin sure is a good one! Just looking at a few pictures of this spot shows that this was a great choice. I.d. Restaurant took the win in this race.

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I.d. is located in Delafield, Wisconsin. The restaurant is a 'modern American kitchen' that makes 'creative shared plates' using locally sourced ingredients. The food looks great but the environment in which you eat it is what gives this spot the edge.

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I.d. was honored to receive the title of the most beautiful restaurant in Wisconsin and one of the most beautiful in the country, sharing the exciting news on their social media pages.

This restaurant looks absolutely gorgeous! It is located inside the Delafield Hotel. This is sure to bring a lot of new people to the restaurant and rightfully so. Anyone want to take a little road trip?

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As for Minnesota, the most beautiful restaurant is the RH Rooftop Restaurant in Edina. I am adding all of these restaurants to my bucket list!

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