Here's a reason to celebrate! Minnesotans are killing it in the whole love game. A new study says that Minnesota is one of the least single states, which is perfect considering today is the day of love. Awwww!

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There are lots of studies these days so you do have to take them with a grain of salt but when you get a great title like this, why not hold on to it? This study was done by analysts at

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How Was This Study Done?

The way this study was done was pretty simple! Analysts looked at marriage rates in each state and divorce rates in each state for 2024. Pairing these two factors together, a list of the least single states was born!

What Makes Minnesota One Of The Least Single States?

According to, Minnesota came in at number 10, meaning we are the tenth 'least single state' in the country. The study cites the following, writing:

Minnesota ranks as the 10th least single state in America thanks to its 51.7% marriage rate and just 8.25% divorce rate.

That's a pretty low divorce rate so we can't complain about that! Utah, Idaho and Wyoming came in at numbers one, two and three, meaning they are pretty good at love and relationships as well.

What About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin is also thriving, coming in just a few more spots down the list at number fourteen. Wisconsin has a 50.4% marriage rate, which is pretty close to that of Minnesota. Their divorce rate is also just under nine percent.

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Awwwww! This is extra special considering the fact that it is Valentine's Day and the whole month is basically dedicated to love, right?

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