This is a great reason to celebrate! According to a new study, Minnesota and Wisconsin are some of the best states for doctors. The study was released earlier this month by WalletHub.

This study was for the year 2024, which means if you are a doctor living in the region, you are in the right place at the right time. It's always nice to see Minnesota and Wisconsin getting some great titles.

Just How Great Did Minnesota Do?

Minnesota is thriving in this study, coming in at number six. Basically, Minnesota is the sixth best state to practice medicine for a variety of reasons. Minnesota has one of the lowest malpractice award payout amounts per capita and one of the cheapest costs of annual malpractice liability insurance.

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What About Wisconsin?

Wisconsin also has a reason to celebrate. They came in just under Minnesota at number seven on the list, meaning it is also within the top ten best states to practice medicine in.

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Wisconsin scored high in a bunch of different places, including the following:

  • The fourth highest annual wage for a physician, with cost of living factored in
  • One of the lowest malpractice award payout amount per capita
  • One of the cheapest costs of annual malpractice liability insurance

Which Other States Did Well + Which Did Not So Well?

The top three best states to practice medicine? That would be Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska. Utah and Indiana round out the top five. If you are aiming for a career as a doctor, you may want to keep these places in mind.

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So which places should you maybe cross off that list? That would be Hawaii, Rhode Island and New Jersey. Hawaii has one of the lowest annual salaries for physicians once you factor in cost of living which is probably why it landed in the bottom spot. I still think living in Hawaii would be great, though.

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