I work in Downtown Duluth, and unfortunately, I've been seeing a lot more broken glass in parking ramps. We recently just had one of our employees deal with theft from their car after having their window smashed.

Car broken window

Smash + Grab Technique - Doesn't Matter If They See Anything Valuable Or Not

There wasn't anything visible of value in the car. It used to be if you hid something under a seat or a jacket, you'd figure the thieves wouldn't waste the time to break the window. Now they don't care, they'll just smash the windows and look for something valuable anyway.

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A friend of mine told me about this recently too, that they had something stolen from a vehicle break-in. It was a checkbook that was in the glove box. Should we even bother locking vehicles anymore? Should we leave a note that it's unlocked so they don't break our windows?

Lacey TSM
Lacey TSM

Break-ins at trailheads across Northern Minnesota

Another serious issue lately is car burglars breaking into vehicles at trailheads across Northern Minnesota. People who were out skiing, or hiking and parked at the trailheads would return to their car to find the window was broken and their belongings missing.

Lacey TSM
Lacey TSM

Fortunately, the St. Louis County Sheriff's Office and the Duluth Police Department arrested a man who they believe is behind numerous break-ins at trailheads. But undoubtedly there will be more.

Don't park where you've seen broken glass.

Suspects target dark corners of parking ramps at usually quiet times of the day. It seems that they target cars that are near doors and stairways for a quick exit. If you see broken glass on the ground, pick a different spot.

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