Trillions of flying insects will literally emerge from the ground this year in the United States. The southern United States will see the most, but there are parts of Wisconsin that will be hit.

Cicada Come Around Every 13 or 17 years.

There are two different types of periodical cicadas. First is brood XIX which is on a 13-year cycle. The other brood is XIII, and they emerge every 17 years. Isn't that weird?

US Department Of Agriculture
US Department Of Agriculture

Both Broods Of Cicadas emerged this Year the first Time Since 1803

Both of the cicada broods in Minnesota are emerging this year. Their cycles haven't matched up in 2021 years! That means there will be even more this time around in the US than last time.

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US Department Of Agriculture Map Shows Them In These Wisconsin Counties

  • Crawford
  • Richland
  • Sauk
  • Iowa
  • Dane
  • Green
  • Rock
  • Milwaukee
  • Waukesha
  • Jefferson

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US Department Of Agriculture
US Department Of Agriculture

When will they come out of the ground?

The Cicads start to emerge from the ground when the soil temperature reaches 64 degrees Fahrenheit. That's so bizarre. Nature is truly stranger than fiction. For Wisconsin, that will probably be sometime in late May or in June.

Photo by Bill Nino on Unsplash
Photo by Bill Nino on Unsplash

How long do they stick around?

The good news is that the cicadas don't have a long life cycle. They're goal is to climb out of the ground and breed. That happens within the first 4 or 5 days, and then they die shortly after. They lay their eggs on trees, and then the babies fall down to the ground an dig their way into the soil where they will spend the next 13 or 17 years, depending on the brood. Pretty boring life, huh?

Don't worry, they aren't harmful to you or your pets.

CBS News reports that the cicadas won't sting you or your pets. When they die they can smell like road kill. If you have a dog like mine, she'll eat as many of these things as she can. It's not poisonous to dogs, but it can cause some GI problems. Something our dog knows way too much about.

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