For the last 8 years or so, I have been taking notice to how the Halloween holiday is treated throughout the country. Of course, we all have fun playing dress up from the youngest of kids to the oldest of adults, there are millions of people who get in on the festivities of wearing costumes, going to haunted houses, and more but trick or treating is not the same.

I'm not sure if there is more concern from parents and they are choosing to not go trick or treating, if there are less houses that are participating in the holiday, or if there are just more intriguing events going on that fulfill the same purpose. Either way, it's starting to become a problem that isn't just happening in Indiana but also all over the country. There are a few main reasons why things are changing and may be the future of Halloween.

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After seeing many social media posts and conversations all over the country and even from Indiana, there seemed to have been a lack of trick or treaters this year. Many people said they didn't receive anywhere near the number of visitors they have seen in the past years on Halloween night. There's one main thing to blame for that.

Trunk or Treat Trouble

Trunk or Treat events have taken over Indiana and the rest of the United States. There are a number of trunk or treat events that take place in many cities and many families choose to go to those events. They get to visit 30 or more trunks, receive candy, and not have to walk up to people's doors. Most trunk or treat events are earlier in the day/month so it's helpful for parents too.

Weather Woes

I understand that it snowed on Halloween this year, but let's be for real here, this isn't the first year that it has snowed on Halloween. I remember putting on boots and a coat, grabbing my bucker, and going off in the snow to collect mounds of candy. I can't imagine that the weather would keep the kids away from the candy but if the parents said no because of weather than maybe so.

I really hope that the Halloween traditions aren't changing anytime soon. The memories I have from dressing up in some all-time great costumes, running around town with my friends, and collecting fun size, full size, and king size candy bars for hours are next level. Don't even get me started on the trading and eating that commenced for hours on end. Ahhh, the good times!

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