Ayyyyy! Happy Birthday to THE FONZ. For me, Henry Winkler will forever be remembered as the motorcycle-riding heartthrob named Arthur Fonzarelli -- better known as "The Fonz" -- on the popular sitcom "Happy Days." In honor of Henry Winkler's birthday, here is a compilation of his best work as The Fonz.

Henry Winkler, who turns 69 today, October 30, has since gone on to produce TV shows, direct movies, and write the popular book series starring Hank Zipzer, a fictional boy who has problems with reading and math.

The celebrated actor also has become the coolest dyslexic champion ever. Indeed he struggles daily with dyslexia, which wasn't diagnosed until he was 31.

According to Huffington Post When he made his TV debut in 1974 on "Happy Days," Winkler was supposed to be a secondary role in the story line. But it wasn't long before he was receiving top billing alongside Ron Howard.

Decades later, Winkler has won over a new generation of admirers with his recent roles in "Arrested Development" and "Royal Pains." He also continues to speak out about dyslexia at venues around the world.

Happy Birthday and if you don't like it..."sit on it"