Throughout the years, it has become more common for schools to offer programs for deaf and blind students. In fact, my cousin works with blind students here in Illinois. As it becomes more common in schools, it's also becoming more focused on at the college level.

Illinois State University was recently granted $1.23 million from the U.S. Department of Education to help students who work with infants and toddlers who are blind and/or deaf according to WTVO.

The money will be used for a training program that integrates special education and speech language pathology. The primary focus group is for children up to three years old.

it's nice to see universities fighting for these grants for their students to continue education and shine a light on the needs in the communities for blind and deaf individuals. It really is more than just learning and then teaching sign language. Many of these classes are focused on teaching the individual to be independent even with their disability. Hopefully more universities are able to get grants as more schools begin to offer programs to help those affected with the disabilities.


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