Summertime is here, the weather is getting hotter and your dog wants to go out for a walk or play outside in the warm weather. You let your dog in and place a bowl of ice water in from of him in his favorite spot, then you remember that story you saw on the internet about how ice cold water and ice cubes are deadly for your pooch.....Hold on just a second!

Sometimes everything you read on the internet or that is posted on Facebook is NOT true. There is an article that has been making it's way around and is frightening dog owners.

It's a piece is called: NO ICE WATER FOR DOGS… PLEASE READ ASAP. The article details one dog’s near deadly encounter.

It’s a tale of a dog who almost dies after his owner gives him ice water. The article claims that cold water caused the dog to bloat.

According to a veterinarian Dr Andy Roark.

The fictitious blog post claims giving a canine ice water on a hot day can cause bloating and lead to a life-threatening condition called gastric dilatation-volvulus (GDV). GDV, which has a 10 to 60 percent fatality rate, according to urban legend site, is caused by accumulation of gas, fluid, or a combination of the two in the stomach. But it’s not likely a dog could develop GDV from drinking ice water.

In an interview with the International Business times Dr Roark says

This story is probably well-intentioned and intended to help pet owners, it originally started circulating in 2007 and pops up as ‘new news’ fairly regularly. There is no proven link between drinking ice water and getting gastric cramping. There is also no link between drinking ice water and getting GDV.”



Ice cubes and cold water are fine for pets as long as it’s done with some common sense