Well you have to say, that the 2016 Presidential campaign is getting interesting, and we still have 14 months to go be fore the general election. The newest candidate making headlines is Deez Nuts.Sure one could easily argue that we can thank Donald Trump for bring a lot more interest to politics in this election cycle. Could Deez Nuts be the next sensation?

Time magazine reports that he is a 15-year-old third-party candidate from Iowa and he's for President running to shake up America’s gridlocked political system. He is hoping to create a movement on the ground to mobilize voters who are upset with the state of the election, and yes, he refers to himself as Deez Nuts.

What's really interesting is that Deez Nuts is polling better than most Republican Candidates. In a recent poll in North Carolina, he garners 9% support. He has more support than some of the big names in politics like Scott Walker (WI) and Chris Christie (NJ).

Deez real name is Brady Olson, Brady attends high school is Iowa. Polls show that he has some of the best third-party candidate numbers in 20 years.

For those who recall what was taught in civics class, you'll note that that Brady is 20 years too young to legally be President. But he's gonna give it try anyway, perhaps change the constitution.

Olson filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission for his campaign “Deez Nuts for President 2016.”
Deez Nuts has even established a Presidential Campaign Facebook Page