Is it starting already? The Stateline received it's first sticking measurable snow accumulation on Saturday. Although the snow did measure only about an inch in DeKalb, it did cause seven or eight vehicles to pile up.

In the video you can see one resident, who was involved in the accident, got out his vehicle and continued to film as more vehicles continued slide into one another.

(*CAUTION: Strong language)

According to the individual recording, the accidents took place at the intersection of Sycamore Rd and N 1st street. You can see DeKalb's historic Ellwood house in the background.

Earlier this year it was reported that the City of DeKalb cut back on it's road salting efforts.

City officials say they will only salt main roads and areas that are considered dangerous. Public Works Director T.J. Moore


I think the city might want to rethink that policy.