A jogger running along Lake Michigan in Chicago was accidentally a part of a wedding proposal earlier this week.

The picture apparently taken in Chicago features a man proposing to a woman only to have a man attempt to stop midstride in hopes of not ruining the happy photo.

What the internet got is way better than just another engagement pic.

The picture initially posted to Reddit has received some speculation though. Many believe the picture to be stagedclaiming "Someone faking a 'hilarious random event' for internet points."

Others are saying "Also, he’s wearing heather grey with no sweat marks. And has a PHONE IN HIS POCKET. I can confidently say as I run I have never run with a phone in my basketball shorts" and "why isn’t the camera centered on the proposal?"

So is this incredibly photogenic jogger in on the couple's proposal or is it just a hilarious coincidence? Tell us!

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