Once upon a time we ran into people in bar bathrooms every weekend, then we had a pandemic. I'm happy to report I ran into a girl in the bathroom last weekend and it gave me hope for the future. 

I'm pretty sure this is a girl thing... though I could be wrong... but there's something special about running into other women in the bathroom at a bar.

There's always a good story behind the occurrence and over the weekend I had such an occurrence!

So I was at Rural on Tap, and I just want to note, all the tables were socially distanced, all employees were masked the whole time and when patrons were moving about they were masked too.

I went to the bathroom and there was a girl just standing there. And then we did it... we had a bathroom bar convo.

It's been so long!

She was waiting for a dude to show up and he was a few minutes late and she was nervous about it and we talked timing and texting and all the fun things you talk about with a bathroom stranger and it was glorious.

Probably one of the most 'normal' things I've done in the last year.

Her mask was so cute, it was black with purple flowers and totally went with her outfit.

I looked around for her later and couldn't find her so I was hoping maybe just maybe, she would read this and let me know how her date went!

And if not, it's just a nice reminder than by sanitizing, wearing masks and following the rules we can all have bathroom bar conversations again, because they're the best.

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