Sunday as I was snacking on some celery sticks and humus I noticed that after eating the celery my tongue felt a little numb afterwards. I didn't think much of it until I came across this article in "Parade" magazine. I may be allergic to celery. What? Does your mouth ever itch after eating certain fruits or veggies. I know that if I eat cantaloupe my mouth slightly itches. Or what I found out yesterday is celery makes my tongue numb.

Apparently, what this is called is OAS. No, I'm talking about the band either.

OAS is Oral Allergy Syndrome. If you have seasonal allergies you may very well be allergic to other raw fruits and veggies. There' s a link between raw produce and the pollens we're allergic to. The reactions we have like itchy, watery eyes, scratchy throat, etc... can happen when eating raw fruits and veggies or even nuts.

Typically the symptoms go away as quickly as they came on but if you have allergies you might want to look at the foods you're eating.

The article offers several tip to help in controlling the allergic reaction. One way, is to peel the skin off the fruit or veggie or by zapping it in the microwave.

Well at least now I understand why certain things happen when I eat them. I'm not sure if it will stop me from eating them though.