Just when you thought you've heard all the crazy you can handle, here's a story about a woman who thought she saw a "baby mothman."

My exposure to the mothman urban legend is limited to the Mothman Prophecies movie that came out in 2002 starring Richard Gere.

That said, I know very little about the mothman stuff but I thought this was pretty interesting when I ran across this story from late last week.

A woman named Carol who lives in Channahon just outside of Joliet says she noticed what appeared to be a baby mothman.

How? Carol tells Cryptozoology News, "'I turned on our patio light and seen it,' says Carol. 'We keep a heated birdbath on our patio. Is it possible this thing was getting a drink before I scared it into flight.'”

Just what the heck is a mothman and what does he(?) look like? Carol explains further, "'My personal feeling on what it was… Possible a very small mothman creature. I would of believed it was the Ghost or Witch Moth, but not this time of year and not in Illinois. Plus the crazy flight pattern… The wings were very straight edged, but they fluttered when it moved. I did  not see any eyes or face. It was blank . That was strange too. No eyes ,  mouth or antenna,' she explains."

That explains it! Thankfully Carol went on to draw her very own rendition of what she thought she saw.


I think it looks like a lamp in the corner of an empty room. I also drew my own mothman that looks just like the Carol's.

Like I said, a lamp in the corner of an empty room.

I want to believe that there is more than just us in the universe but a mothman just chilling out in Channahon, Illinois? That's a bit of a stretch.