Stolen booze was found stuffed in the pants of a thief in Illinois.

It still amazes me what criminals will try to get away with. The common sense button must be shut off in their head.

Check out this brainiac.

According to,

"A Walgreens employee stopped a would-be booze thief after noticing “an obviously large bulge” in his pants, police said."

A store clerk noticed a customer walking towards the exit with a big lump in his pants, that wasn't there before and walking with a limp, which was also new.

The worker then told the man to return whatever he was trying to steal. The suspect pulled two "handles" (59 oz each) of Captain Morgan out of his trousers. No details on how he did it.

The thief then got aggressive with the employee including kicking him in the leg.

The clerk blocked the entrance so the gentleman couldn't escape before the police got there.

When the officers arrived, they noticed the man was intoxicated, smelled like alcohol, and had slurred speech.

I'm sure you know the final chapter of this story. The thief was arrested.


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