The Illinois State Police have been through so much this year. Well, it looks like they've had enough. They've had issues with people who don't follow Scott's law, people that use their phones while driving, drunk drivers and folks just acting like plain idiots on the roadways. Yesterday they posted on Facebook a few helpful tips to help the few that just can't get it right.


"Good gravy people. Get It together." This time they hit us with some intersection rules. They say its a few things, but they just say the same thing in three times. Obviously, this has been happening a lot lately. For those who don't know it is illegal to pass someone in the middle of an intersection. Which really boils down to do not change lanes while you're in an intersection. This is actually something I see almost every day, just like people driving slowly in the fast lane and blocking it for everyone else.

A lot of this stuff is just common sense but it still seems to fall on deaf ears. Pay attention folks, because the Illinois State police have had it up to here this year, and they are not just joking around.

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