When it comes to electing a president, the Electoral College usually has the final say. You would think the people's votes matter more but that's just the way it is. Over the years more and more people have been wanting to get rid of the Electoral College and some even say its all fixed. Well according to SJ-R.com, Dick Durbin, one of Illinois 2 Senators wants to scrap it completely. He's not the only one either. Other senators from Hawaii, California and New York are also onboard.

They are currently pushing for an amendment to abolish the College. The Senators stated that the Electoral College is "undemocratic". Durbin said that " The Electoral College is a relic from a shameful period in our nation's history. A handful of states now determine the leader of all 50 regardless of the candidate's final vote tally". It will take a while and a lot of hard work to get this amendment passed. In 20 years two presidential candidates won the popular vote but still lost the election. Its supposed to be "We The People" but its more like "Them The People". I guess we will see what happens. What do you think? Should the Electoral college be abolished?

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