Although she may be on maternity leave Illinois Senator Tammy Duckworth still had time to propose a rule change to the US Senate.

Her proposal not only was accepted but it made a historical change for women in politics.

Senator Duckworth, according to ABC7, proposed a change to the traditional senate ruling of no children on the floor so that she could vote.

Prior to her proposal, all votes that are cast must be made in person, they cannot be by proxy.

Now that she recently became a mother again, with the birth of her daughter, she wanted the US Senate to allow babies in the chamber so that she could vote.

"The U.S. Senate voted unanimously on Wednesday to let the babies of its members into the tradition-bound chamber." This vote was a historical marker for our government and what she says "helps bring the Senate into the 21st Century."

Although it passed unanimously not everyone was excited about it. The biggest reason is because they're "concerned that babies would disrupt 'Senate decorum.'" I get it. I'm assuming their thinking was about fussy, crying babies or changing diapers. Which of course will not be happening according to Minnesota Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

She spent two months "assuring Republicans and Democrats that the new rule would not mean diaper-changing or nursing in the Senate chamber."

So how does Senator Duckworth feel about this acceptance.

Here's what she had to say on her Facebook page:


Regardless of what aisle of politics you sit on, I think this accepted rule change is a huge step forward for women in politics.



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