Many drivers were caught off guard as wet roads turned to ice on Thursday evening (11/17) throughout the Stateline area when temperatures dipped below freezing.

Dozens of vehicles reportedly slid off into ditches and roads throughout the evening were treacherous with posts saying that IL-76 was a "sheet of ice" and that all of Beloit area roads were unsafe.

One video on social media showed a road covered in a layer of ice causing a garbage truck to slide off and traffic to be stopped for nearly a mile.

Complaints about the icy conditions turned to blame of road crews with many wondering why the road treatments didn't begin sooner.

"What’s happening in Belvidere? It’s snowing, roads are slippery, not a speck of salt on a road," posted Cameron Schmidt via Facebook.

Al Tiford chimed in about rising costs of salt and other road clearing material saying, "salt is only going to cost more as winter continues and if we go through it, and have to purchase more, then you won't be happy then either."

Belvidere has always been bad on preparing roads for a storm. As soon as you hit County line road for McHenry County, they were good, being plowed and salted. Use to go east all the time on Marengo and Woodstock rds. -Brian Lerush via Facebook

Some posts threw shade at road crews including Taisha Hillary Yust who sarcastically responded saying that salting at off times won't help conditions. "Nice, 3 hours after I'm at work, and 2 hours after the busses are picking kids up, how helpful. Now if it was Sunday, they'd be Johnny on the spot soaking up overtime."

Olga showed frustration with her post about road conditions saying "same s*%# happens every year, yet people like to act brand new."

One good samaritan offered help to those who did get caught off guard on the icy roads:

If anyone needs pulled out of ditches tonight pm me -Jesse Mitchell via Facebook


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