Illinois has been facing a severe problem with solving homicides. Basically, what this means is if someone is murdered in Illinois, there's a significant chance that the perpetrator will go unpunished.

Clearance rates are defined as the number of resolved cases in a year divided by the number of incidents in the same year. - Illinois District Attorney's Office

Why is the clearance rate so low in Illinois?

One of the major reasons for a low clearance rate in Illinois could be a lack of resources. If a police department is understaffed and underfunded, it would be challenging to investigate and solve homicides.

Also, a lack of advanced technology and forensic capabilities can interfere with investigations, leaving detectives with limited tools to solve cases.


A lack of training could also be a reason police officers might struggle with homicide investigations. Detectives require specialized training to effectively investigate homicides, and without proper training, they may miss critical evidence or mishandle crime scenes.

Do unsolved cases create a sense of insecurity and fear within the community?

Yes, knowing the killer is still at large can potentially lead to mistrust between the police and the communities they serve. It's a bad, bad situation when the community feels neglected or even targeted by law enforcement, leading to strained relationships and further complicating investigations.

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What is the impact of this low clearance rate?

The low homicide clearance rate in Illinois affects both the victim's family and the community too. Families of homicide victims often face a lifetime of grief, and trauma, and are left with unanswered questions.

There's also no closure of seeing the perpetrator brought to justice.

Murder Data(.org)
Murder Data(.org)

How low is the Illinois homicide clearance rate?

It's not good, according to; a low 35% or less.

Are there states with lower clearance rates than Illinois?

Yes, Michigan's homicide clearance rate is 54%, while Indiana's is a staggering 58%.

You can see how each state ranks here.

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