Fall food is the best food and quirky fall food is pretty amazing and impressive. 

Summer is all about dining outside, grabbing a snack, cooling off with ice cream and a margarita. It's all fun and delicious but it's not fall.

Fall is about sitting back with your friends and family and embracing fall flavors without sweating your butt off.

You gotta love new menu items too, especially in the fall!

Rockford's quirkiest restaurant, Octane, just added a few new options to their menu and OMG those chickpeas.


Their new menu section is called '$10 Below Snacks,' and features Fried Chic-pea, Nah-chos and Chicken Katsu.

The chick-peas come in cajun or curry flavors, I had the cajun and I am in love with them.

the Nah-chos are described as: 'our own take on nachos, house fried corn chips, chili garlic and Sriracha cheese sauce, red pepper and jalapeño relish, pickled red onions.'

And the Chicken Katsu is: 'house fried chicken,  Octane teriyaki, Chili garlic mayo, Scallions, Togarashi seasoning.'

We also had entrees and cocktails... I ordered this the other night with Producer MJ for our Wine Wednesday party.

She ordered their mac and cheese, she'd never had it before!


I had the Ka-Bao!!! with the Octane salad on the side.


We shared a prickly pear margarita which was quite strong with our wine... whoops!

You can check our their menu here. 

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