Who's your favorite?

Halloween and horror villains always go hand in hand, and when comes to those villains we all have our favorite, and some of them continue to haunt us for years on end. Using Google Trends one website, Frontier Bundles has compiled a list of the most searched Horror Villains by state.

Earlier this week I wrote a blog about Child's Play being filmed mostly in Chicago. Even though it was filmed in 1988, Chucky still haunts Illinoisans to this day as He was the top searched Horror Villain in our state and even took the top vote in 10 other states. In Wisconsin, Norman Bates was number one. He was also the top searched horror villain in 12 other states. Even though that film came out in 1960 he stills seems to be the favorite across most of the US. Talk about staying power. I will never forget the shower scene in Psycho and that creepy sound effect that accompanied it.

Other top Horror villains that made the list were, Frankenstein's Monster, Alien, Jack Torrence from The Shining, Count Dracula, Hannibal Lecter, and Pinhead.

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