While this story sounds very scary, is it real?

We live in a pretty scary world. Every day there is something tragic going on in our own communities and around the country, but is this warning legit?

This 'Woodfield Mall Warning' is all over Illinois Facebook pages, but some believe it's fake.

Why fake?

Scopolamine is used in 'scare stories' all over the world and when you see or hear that word you are most likely dealing with a hoax.

The Schaumburg police are investigating the situation, but say there is currently no threat to the community.

However, if this really did happen at Woodfield Mall, or anywhere for that matter, it is of course cause for concern.

Honestly anyone coming up to a teenage girl and bothering her in any way should not be happening at the mall or anywhere so while I hope this is a completely false story, we should all still be super aware of our surroundings.

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