If you've ever taken I-90 towards Chicago, no doubt someone has flown past you going well over the posted 70 mph speed limit. Maybe you drive with a lead foot as well. New changes could be coming to Illinois interstates.

Illinois lawmakers are considering raising the maximum speed limit on state highways from 70 to 75 mph. Some supporters of the bill suggest it only apply to rural parts of the state.

There's always going to be two sides to the argument. If you raise the speed limit, you're giving even more leeway to those who go slightly over it and risk the potential for more accidents. Others will suggest it would stop people from going faster since the speed limit is already high enough.

To a speeder, it doesn't matter what is posted, they will drive at their own pace anyways.

It shouldn't be the wild west when driving on the interstate. Regardless of what the posted speed limit is, people are going to drive at a pace that they believe is safest for them. Whether it's 55, 70, or 75 mph, the best thing you can do is signal and move over if someone wants to speed. Let the cops do their job in catching them, you do your job in getting to wherever you are going safely.

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