If you are a politician you really have to watch what you do and how you act in public. As crazy as the political climate has been lately you would think that more politicians would mind their P's and Q's. Well that's definitely not the case with Chicago Democratic Representative Kam Buckner according to watchdog.org. On March 29th in Springfield, Kam Buckner was found asleep at the wheel in his vehicle at a stoplight.

An Officer came across a car at a stop light. the light changed 4 different times and the driver did not once try to go through it. The officer hit his horn but the man still didn't wake up. Once awake, he told police that he was in fact a state lawmaker and he was overtired due to a busy weeks sessions. He then refused to take a breathalyzer test and was arrested for driving under the influence. Buckner is expected to plead not guilty. Above is the entire video of the incident from the officers body cam.

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