In January Illinois started distributing the newly designed state license plate to residents, and now they're already redesigning them after receiving a slew of complaints about the new design behind hard to read.

Y'all, I truly don't like to openly criticize our government or politicians, but this is just ridiculous. When the announcement was made that Illinois was redesigning and redistributing our state license plates, I automatically though, wth? We have no budget. We have no money, but at least we'll have some shiny new plates on our cars.

Again, I don't like talking smack, but the plate was redesigned to be easier to read and more reflective, and now people that have received them are saying the exact opposite about them.

A Springfield resident named Adrianna Simmons recently told the The State Journal-Register;

It’s dark behind the lettering, and the letters on it aren’t bright. You have to really be behind somebody to read the plate, especially at night,” Simmons said. “Maybe if they could change the background a little, just make it more plain like before. Or just make where the letters sit a bit lighter.”

I'm not saying safety or making law enforcement's jobs a little easier isn't important, but working in the public eye has taught me one very important lesson; people complain. No matter how hard you try, you cannot make everyone happy. Maybe the state was too quick to process this new design, but I can't help but feel that redesigning it so soon is a knee jerk reaction. Am I alone in thinking that?


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