With gun violence at an all time high in Chicago, a state lawmaker believes she has come up with a way to curb violence though ammunition coding.

Chicago Democratic Illinois House Representative Sonya Harper made the proposal during a press conference on Tuesday. Under the new law, all ammunition and bullets purchased in Illinois would be labelled with serial numbers. These serial numbers would be registered to the purchaser and the business that sold the bullets. The serial numbers could be traced. Presently, by law, all guns sold already have serial numbers.

On her Facebook page on Tuesday, Rep. Harper made the following announcement:

I look forward to introducing ammunition coding legislation in the House. If we can't track the flow of guns into our vulnerable communities then let's start tracking the bullets. Thanks to all who made it to our press conference today. This is just the beginning.

Fox 32 reports that gun shop owners are not happy with the proposal because of the large amount of paperwork that will be required to be filled out every time an individual purchases ammunition in Illinois.

Some thoughts and questions that need to be answered:

    • How would this affect those purchasing ammunition in neighboring states and bring the ammo into Illinois?
    • Will Illinois lose out on sales tax revenue due to the face ammo buyers will out of state to buy their bullets.

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