Day trips have replaced vacations in 2020, so it would make sense for us to go on a spooky Halloween excursion.

Only In Your State revealed a bunch of different stops in order to hit up the "spookiest places in Illinois."

The proposed route by Only In Your State will have you going from Alton to Decatur to Springfield then Joliet and toward Rockford.

Rockford? What would the stop be? Tinker Swiss? Bloods Point Road? Neither of those two which have been deemed at different times hella spooky.

Actually, it's Greenwood Cemetery and Crematory. Here's why:

Greenwood Cemetery has a fascinating history as one of the first places where cremation was practiced in the state. The cemetery has also been relocated multiple times. This makes it a must for those seeking restless spirits.

I've driven past Greenwood Cemetery, 1011 Auburn Street numerous times in my life, and I never once thought other than the obvious that it would be considered creepy.

However, the news that it has been relocated "multiple times" made me think again.

So I guess you can add Greenwood Cemetery to the list of creepy sites in Rockford along with the two previously mentioned places in town.

I've heard about paranormal things happening at the Coronado Theatre, Lucerne's, and Faust Hotel too.

If you were to create a tour of the most haunted places in Rockford where would you start?

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