Winter has finally hit us in Northern Illinois, but there is potentially much more snow to come. Look out, by Monday, much of Illinois may be covered by more snow than we've seen in years.

We have had a few bouts of snow that have been adding up. Combine that with the fact that due to the bitterly cold temperatures, snow has not been melting. Now comes word from the National Weather Service (NWS) that much of Northern Illinois, including the Rockford area, could get a major snow Sunday night into Monday.

The NWS says:

Outside of continued very cold conditions, there will be additional chances for snow Saturday and Sunday, with a potentially significant snow system arriving late Sunday night.

At this point the amount of snow for Sunday Night is not known, but it could potentially be a large amount. The National Weather Service says that amounts in excess of 6" are possible.

Add that snow onto the snow that is on the ground and much of Northern Illinois could see snow amounts of close to 23" on the ground from the accumulated snows, including Sunday Night and Monday's snow. By Monday evening according to the GFS European Weather forecast model

Illinois Could Have An Epic Amount of Snow On The Ground By Monday
ECMWF/Global Euro HD Via

The areas in the very light pink could have as much as 23" on snow on the ground.

The NWS says that significant snowfall amounts of 6"+ are possible in at least portions of the of our area on Sunday Night into Monday

To make matters worse there are  early indications are that another bout of dangerous cold is coming the middle of next week. In fact, it is possible that the region could see some of the coldest temperatures observed in years, that may even surpass the brutal cold snap of early January 2014.

Illinois Could May An Epic Amount of Snow On The Ground By Monday
National Weather Service




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