A vampire novel is being turned into a movie that will be filmed in Rockford next year, and the director is looking for actors to fill some of the main roles.

The novel Fiona's Guardians was written by author Dan Klefstad of Dekalb, Illinois, and is about "a 250-year-old vampire who survives on hospital blood stolen by human helpers who also protect her while she sleeps," according to Klefstad's website.

Stuart R. Wahlin is the screenwriter and director of the project that will be a "short film adaptation" of the novel and is actively auditioning actors for main and supporting roles, as well as a "handful of extras."

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A few of the key roles Wahlin is auditioning for include that of lead role for Fiona, who is required to be a woman between 28 and 35 years old that will play a "cunning 250-year old vampire" who is "assertive, alluring, ruthless," according to the casting call details.

Other lead roles being casted for include a 20 to 27 year old man to play young Daniel, and a 60-75 year old man to play old Daniel who's role is that of a "college student who falls into a job as a vampire’s caretaker, and quickly proves to be very capable."

Auditions for two other lead roles, and three supporting roles are also underway.

If you're interested in auditioning for a role in Fiona's Guardians, the director/screenwriter asks that you email stuartwahlin@yahoo.com and include a headshot, resume and a link to your "reel."

Synopsis of the movie Fiona's Guardians:

Daniel is eager to retire from serving as the caretaker of a 250-year-old vampire named Fiona. But first, he’ll need to find a suitable candidate to be her new guardian. He recruits a college dropout named Wolf to be his successor, and prepares the young protégé for the dark world he’s about to enter.

Production dates for the movie are still to be determined, but filming is expected to begin in 2023, according to the casting call information from author Dan Klefstad.

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