Santa makes a little boy in Illinois cry after telling him "no" to an item on his Christmas list.

For some children, going to see Santa Claus can be a traumatic experience. He is this crazy-looking stranger that your parents are forcing you to sit on his lap and talk to him all while being dressed up for a picture.

I have seen kids freak out about it and I do not blame them. They are usually pretty entertaining photos and videos on social media. Thank goodness the internet wasn't around when I was young.

Of course, once the little ones are used to St. Nick they are all about the visit to the mall to see the man. They have to hold an important conversation with him about Christmas. The wish list must be given in person to avoid any confusion. I remember it being an essential part of my holiday.

Usually, the situation works out well. You talk to Santa and tell him what you want. Then he says something politically correct to avoid any backlash if you do not get that item under the tree.

I have never heard of Mr. Claus flat-out denying a child one of their gift ideas. Well, just in the movie "A Christmas Story," when the main character, Ralphie, asked for a Red Rider BB Gun, and Santa replays, "You'll shoot your eye out, kid." That never happens in real life, right? Well, guess what, it did. I am just as shocked as you. Here is what happened.

According to

"A mall in Norridge, Illinois, gifted a 4-year-old boy with a Nerf gun after a video of one of their mall Santas bringing the child to tears after telling him he could not bring a Nerf gun for Christmas, saying, “no guns,” went viral."

The little boy went to see Santa at the mall. He asked for a Nerf gun. Mr. Claus told him he could not bring him a gun, even if it was just a toy. The kid was crushed. Luckily, the mall stepped up to fix the situation by sending out another one of Santa's helpers with an actual Nerf gun for the child.

The story finished with a happy ending.

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