Outside of Peoria Illinois, there is a place called Hanna City and it has a very interesting Airbnb. How would you like to stay in the caboose of a train? Would it help if we told you it was a five-star caboose?.

The train Airbnb is hosted by Wildlife Prairie. It accommodates four guests, with two bedrooms, four beds, and one bathroom. The caboose has amenities such as a park view, lake access, Wi-Fi, free parking on the premises, TV, air conditioning, a backyard, luggage drop-off, children's books and toys, security cameras on the property, and more!

According to the Airbnb website, the caboose is a perfect getaway for you if you have a small family of five or fewer, want a cozy romantic weekend but don't need the frills, or love grilling or firepit cooking.

They recommend that the caboose is probably not for you if you don't do well with stairs, want to watch big-screen movies, or need a big kitchen.

Sounds like this is not a place for fancy city people. Good thing us midwesterners know how to live on the land.

Check out the photos:


Outside view of the train.

The layout of the train.
A look inside.
Bunk beds to sleep in.
A dining table is provided.
The bathroom inside.
Interested in booking this Airbnb for $199 a night? Book it here: Airbnb
Here was a comment left on the website from this June. Brian seemed to enjoy his stay in the caboose:

Brian - June 2022

"It was a fun family adventure to stay in a caboose which also gave us park admission. We were able to explore parts of the park during the evening (i.e. Hazel’s Hill overlook). The Bison and elk grazed next to the fence to the cabooses in the evening. We took advantage of the shaded picnic tables and the fire pit to make s’mores. We had 5 in the caboose but did not feel cramped. It will be a memorable family trip."

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