Google is the best. You can find information about anything within seconds, like how to spell the "a"word Illinois folks have trouble with the most. Wisconsin's most searched spelling of a word will make your jaw drop.

IL and WI Spell Checks
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The words I struggle with the most are necessity and necessarily, yes I spell checked both of them. Neither are at the most correctly spelled words in Illinois or Wisconsin. However, Google has released a list the most spelled checked words in each state and Wisconsin's blew my mind. Illinois' wasn't so bad.

According Google Trends, the word most Illinois residents have trouble spelling is 'appreciate'. If you struggle with it just remember this; app-reece-ee-ate. That's how I remember it. But don't feel bad about not know how to spell a certain word, you'll feel better about knowing Wisconsin's spelling problem.

Apparently people in Wisconsin have problems spelling the word Wisconsin. I'm not making it up, you can see the proof right here. Seriously, how is this possible? Wisconsin can't have that many new explorers popping by and wondering how to correctly spell the state's name.

Wisconsinites now have a hard argument for getting mad at people who say, "You're from Wisconsin? I'll talk slower." By the way, I would never say that. I live in a state with no budget and a city that voted an American fast food chain for "best Mexican restaurant."

speeling spelling.


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