If you're one of the 58 million people that subscribe to Netflix you're in for a big surprise on next month's bill. It seems they are raising the prices of monthly memberships up to 18 percent. So  if you're paying 10.99 a month its about to go up to 12.99 a month. Non HD users that pay 7.99 a month will go up to 8.99. It doesn't seem like much but it adds up quickly. If 58,000,000 subscribers end up paying 12.99 that adds up to 116,000,000 extra a month for Netflix. We figured it would happen sooner or later due to the fact that they are producing more and more Netflix originals which costs the company big money.


I guess there is an upside. Its still cheaper than an HBO subscription which costs around 15 bucks per month. This is the 4th price increase from Netflix in the U.S. but its the first time that the increase will hit every single subscriber at once. When asked the company stated " We change pricing from time to time as we continue investing in great entertainment and improving the overall Netflix experience". We've all heard talk of them figuring out a way that you cannot share your passwords with friend's in the last two weeks so I am sure that another change is on the way.

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