Food companies are always on the hunt to find new flavors to sell to the masses, But I don't know if I'd go this far when it comes to ice cream. According to US Magazine, Salt and Straw creamery has come up with some crazy flavors for turkey day like Salted Caramel Thanksgiving turkey flavored ice cream, not for the faint of fowl this ice cream is loaded with turkey brittle mixed into turkey fat caramel ice cream.

Wooden Ice Cream Cone

But it doesn't stop there, they even have a roasted peach and sage cornbread stuffing flavored ice cream. I really don't mind when the food on my plate touches but this might have gone a little too far. If you want to see what else Slat and Straw is offering this year just click here. I love Thanksgiving dinner as well as all the sweets that come with it but I just don't think I can stomach through this one. Any takers?

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