Hi, My name is Susan Tyler and I have an addiction to Chap Stick.

Seriously, I reached into my purse and I found not one but 3 different kinds of lip balms. Then as I put on my jacket I found another one in the pocket. That's 4 for one person! That doesn't included the others I have at home. I have one on my night stand and a couple in my make-up drawer in the bathroom. Now I'm wondering how many I have in my other coats and jacket pockets??

I take smooth lips serious. I can't stand not having something on my lips. Lipstick always feels so heavy and "cake like to me but chap stick doesn't.

Are you this way too? Or am I the only one like this?

Well if you're ever in need of a lip balm just hit me up. I'm sure I can take care of you.