Hockey players are known to be one of the toughest type of athletes around. Then it would make sense for a Huntley boy to be just like them. 

When I moved up to Rockford, I knew that I was moving into Blackhawks territory. Little did I know that there are some kids who are tougher than me.

WGN TV has a story about a young Blackhawks fan who lives in Huntley. His name is Jackson Spears. He is at the age where you start to lose some of your temporary teeth.

Jackson is a huge hockey and Blackhawks fan. He also had another loose tooth and wanted to show to the Hawks that he is as tough as them.

Here is the Twitter post via Jackson's dad Brain Spears' Twitter account @brispe79 via Twitter

As you can see, Jackson had no problem letting it rip and seeing his tooth go out of his mouth. He also gives a shout out to the captain Jonathan Toews. If there is one thing that they both have in common is their dental work.

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