Hunter Hayes told Taste of Country Nights he'd be bringing "a total sweetheart" to the 2014 CMA Awards, and now fans know who it is.

Meet Libby Barnes, a 25-year-old hair stylist and makeup artist.

Hayes and Barnes didn't walked the red carpet together, but she was seated next to him during the 2014 CMAs on Nov. 5. The 'Tattoo' singer didn't name her when he gushed about her to Sam Alex of ToC Nights, but did say, "I'm very lucky."

J-14 did some research to reveal Barnes loves Converse shoes, would love to have a pet monkey and is a big Beyonce fan. Taste of Country also discovered that she is Hayes' hair stylist, so they won't be separated when he's on tour this fall and in 2015.

Hayniacs didn't take the news well. Although many voiced support for #Lunter, a few female fans were upset. "Dear everyone I see tomorrow, if I'm in a bad mood it's because Hunter Hayes has a girlfriend that isn't me," one fan tweeted.

It's not clear exactly how long Libby and Hunter have been an item.

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