Back in August of 2020, United Airlines Executive, Jake Cefolia was last seen in Elmhurst, Illinois gas station. One day later his car was found, and on that same day his wife called 911 to report her husband missing. MyStateline

This past Friday after intense search for months, it appears that the remains on Jake Cefolia have been found. A Forensic Odonatologist examined dental records that led to the release of this information.

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The Waterfall Glen Forest Preserve is the location where his car was found last year, and now over a year later the man's body has be found.

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The last search for the United Airlines Executive was done last April. Those working on the case are still trying to determine if there was foul play involved or he voluntarily disappeared.

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Human remains were found just this past Friday, which will hopefully give some answers to these questions.

Authorities searched the exact area that his remains were found, at least 10 times...But now in a new year, the man's remains were now found.

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You wonder "if" foul play was involved, was he just recently placed there. How does a team of investigators search the same area for months, 10 plus times and come up with nothing...only to find it years later? I smell something fishy with this whole story.

Hopefully investigators will come up with answers soon.

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