Marijuana sales in Illinois reached $61 million in July taking a huge jump from June.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in Illinois has been huge. It keeps growing each month. The pandemic has not effected it.

I keep wondering when the growth will hit the ceiling and start dropping down. At this point, it doesn't seem like anytime soon.

According to,

"Customers bought nearly $61 million worth of adult-use cannabis in July, picking up more than 1.2 million items containing THC at the state's dispensaries."

In June, it was $47 million. That's a really big increase. I thought it would cross the $50 barrier but not $60.

"Including taxes, consumers of Illinois cannabis have spent an estimated $380 million so far this year on weed."

Imagine if the state had enough dispensaries and product to cover the actual demand. That number would be even larger.

I would like to see the sales number for fast food and snacks too. I bet they also went up.

Illinois loves their pot.

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