The phrase you've seen all over Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out where it came from and how Rockford ties in,

The "Cash me ousside, how bowdah" (catch me outside, how about that?) that has taken over every meme over the passed few weeks comes from an old episode of Dr. Phil. You can check it out here.

Dr. Phil has to be ecstatic over this because it is everywhere. It's official gone viral. So Since it's all over social media, why not embrace it's 15 minutes of fame? "Not today" you say? Too late.

Here are 10 times you might say "cash me ousside, how bowdah" around Rockford.

  • 1

    At The Store

    Next time the person in front of you in the express Target has 25 items look at the and think "cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

  • 2


    When there's a car on State Street taking 10 minutes to parallel park feel free to think "cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

  • 3

    When You See A Chicago Wolves Fan

    Cash me ousside, how bowdah? #amiright

  • 4

    When Talking About Rockford Hall-of-Famers

    Oh, you have a problem with Cheap Trick? Cash me ousside, how bowdah?

  • 5

    While Driving

    Ever encounter that car that never fully merges into the turn late to turn left from Perryville Rd onto Walton St.? Next time it happens... you know what to do.

  • 6

    At A Bar

    There's always to person that asks what the price is for a drink at the bar. Next time you see it think "cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

    *Do it with a smile and only think it.

  • 7

    At Woodman's

    When the impatient grocery-getter is standing behind at you a self check-out giving you the stink eye because you're not moving fast enough, go slower and think to yourself "cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

  • 8

    "I hate (insert weather here)."

    Rockford is in the mid-west and the weather will often suck. When someone goes to Facebook to complain about the weather day after day, comment with "Cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

    They'll probably won't because it's hot, cold, raining, or snowing outside.

  • 9

    Calling Customer Service

    Ever had to call ComEd to disconnect your service? Sometimes the person on the other end is none too pleased. It's as if cancelling your service and taking food off their table.

    Wait until the phone call is almost over before you say "Cash me ousside, how bowdah?"

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