A perfect night of sleep is one of the hardest aspects in life to achieve. Millions of people don't sleep well each night. I'm with you. Here's help from the experts.Not only do millions find it difficult to fall asleep, they also have a hard time sleeping through the night. According to The American Academy of Sleep Medicine, you probably focus on what you think will make it super-comfy like linens, fluffy blankets, favorite pillows. It's a great start, but not the answer.

Experts say there is one major factor that is at the center of getting the perfect night of sleep. It's the temperature of your body AND the room. You sleep better and wake up less often throughout the night when the room is set between 65 and 73 degrees.

Also, wear breathable PJ's like cotton and mot synthetic fabrics, and totally skip wearing socks to bed. Wearing socks and blankets make your feet temperature skyrocket. Also be warned about foam mattresses and pillows that retain heat.

Finally, make sure the room is as dark as possible. Blocking out light will help to increase the production of Melatonin the sleep hormone.

All these tips are to help you rest and get the sleep you need. There are other tricks you favor and are proven winners. Please share your comments below so that all of us can achieve the ultimate...The perfect night of sleep.