Pure genius! That's what comes to mind when I see these simple things anyone can do to eat and drink for free. I love food, and what tastes better than free food? Nothing!

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I am one of those people who will occasionally hunt for a coupon before I go out to eat to save a few bucks, but I have to admit I have never tried any technique in this video.

His name is Mike with "Hacksoflifetv". Mike says: "Food and drinks cost money, and you don't have any. Don't worry, Mike has you covered." According to Mike, bars and restaurants in the United States waste as much as 33 tons of food and drinks each year. If restaurants are just going to throw it away, you might as well take advantage of the one time you can get free food.

Mike calls his technique: The "Hacky Birthday". My favorite is how to get 10 free chicken wings are your favorite "cleavage filled chicken restaurant".

Pass this on to anyone who loves getting free food!