I have admitted time and time again that I am not a sports girl. I'm no fun to watch any kind of game with, because I never fully understand what is going on. I am, however, very good at drinking beer and people watching when forced to attend a sporting event. This must be the reason Harry Caray intrigued me so much.

It's no secret that Harry Caray liked his Bud. In fact, the year before he died he told the CEO of Harry Caray's Restaurant Group, Grant DePorter, that he drank 300,000 drinks in his lifetime. Now we ask, was that 300,000 Buds, or was that number including cocktails as well? Believe it or not, someone actually did an investigation, and here are the results: How Many Beers Did Harry Caray Drink In His Lifetime: An Investigation

Holy Cow! That's a lot of drinks!

Well, it may not be Bud, but the craft beer will be flowing this Saturday at the NIU Convocation Center in Dekalb! Limited tickets are still available for $35, and will include a souvenir cup and 16 samples with over 100 beers to choose from. Holy cow! It's gonna be a great day! Get your tickets now while you still can.