Tired of multiply shopping trips to the store for one item because you're just not sure on your purchase? Well you should be tired. There's a new study from FemaleFirst that reveals the purchase you really want may be decided on within seconds. How fast?

You don't need to take long shopping trips. Apparently, any shopping trip where you spend more than a few MINUTES in the store is a big waste of time.

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A new study released by FemaleFirst found you decide whether you're going to buy something within 12 SECONDS of seeing it. Someone please tell my wife that. Basically, you keep shopping around debating whether or not you really want to spend the money or have the money to buy it. Trying to justify it. Deep down, your mind's already made up that you want it and you are getting it.

The researchers tested it on women shopping for clothes. 80% of them said an average shopping trip takes four hours. 78% said they recognized exactly what they're going to buy within 10 to 15 seconds of seeing it. The rest is just the process.

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Ladies is this true? Share your thoughts and comments below.

If it is, then I have been involved in way to many processes to count.