Yikes! I knew it, I am in the bottom five! What's funny is that I was very good at math in school, mom told me I should pursue a career using my math skills. So does your job rank in the Top 10 or Bottom 10? The information is based on a range of criteria - not just salary, but also work environment, physical factors and stress.

Top 10 Jobs:

1. Mathematician
2. Tenured university professor
3. Statistician
4. Actuary
5. Audiologist
6. Dental hygienist
7. Software engineer
8. Computer systems analyst
9. Occupational therapist
10. Speech pathologist

Bottom 10:

200. Lumberjack
199. Newspaper reporter
198. Enlisted military personnel
197. Taxi driver
196. Broadcaster - Yikes! That's me!!
195. Head cook
194. Flight attendant
193. Garbage collector
192. Firefighter
191. Corrections officer

Where does your job rank? You can read more about the rankings here.